Chapter Reflection 7

As I said last week, my husband has a very large music library. In fact, I saw he had acquired several more CDs over the past few weeks. This got me to thinking about starting an internet radio station for him.

After doing some cursory searching, one of the biggest expenses is a broadband service. I say expense because right now we can access the web through DCB’s internet service. We aren’t able to use the internet for business purposes.

There appears to be several services on the web that allow for streaming music. It would take a little bit of time to get the appropriate programs downloaded on a computer, probably a dedicated one. This way we could run the station constantly.

I think the hardest decision would be picking our genre. As I’ve mentioned, Dan has a varied music collection. We have crooners, 60s, 70s, 80s, pop-country, et al.

Is there such a category as eclectic? The Big Mix?

That might be the best name for a Davis radio station.

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