Weekly Reflection


I began this entry thinking about how I got to this point. I wanted to tell a little story about how learning all these new computer skills (InDesign, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, HTML, and CSS) would make it easier for me to find clients so I could create and work at home.

And then I started to think about how net neutrality could screw all my plans.

Home is 1000 miles from where I currently rest my head. Home is where my sick sister with an incurable disease lives. Home is a modest home on a small lake, where the Amish drive their horse-drawn buggies on the dirt roads to go fishing.

Home is rural, with lots of trees and water. I can’t even get a bar on my cell phone. And until recently (as in 2017) , we were only able to access the internet through dial-up. And now the FCC wants to change the net neutrality rules.

Personally, I like knowing I can access whichever websites, platforms, and content I want without having to worry about being charged extra for that access or having my connection slowed down. Want to access a website from your phone that is not in favor of the currently political administration? Sorry – that content is not available. Your favorite erotic romance wants to send you a special sneak-peek at her next novel? Sorry – access to that website will cost you extra.

Imagine, if you will, having dial-up service with net neutrality gone. It already took a long time for some websites to load, especially those which were graphic heavy. Slowing down the connection even more would hurt people in areas where access is already difficult. Libraries might have to tell people that the internet could only to guaranteed to work during certain hours.

We live in the Information Age. We are on our mobile devices constantly, looking for recipes, discount codes/coupons, and the latest celebrity faux-pas. If all content, websites, and platforms can’t being treated equally, what will be next? Who could be next?