Chapter 18 Reflection

Originally, I was going to write about the Hollywood global domination of the film production and distribution market (did you read how much money The Avengers: Infinity War made over the weekend? $640 million!)However, after our conversation last week, I really want to talk about having a global voice when you’re located at the top of the country.

Many times, I have referred to Bottineau, North Dakota, as being as the end of the world. After all, you only have to go north about 20 minutes to be in Canada. However, I believe we have something to say from our corner of the world, and we should be given the space and means to say it.

That is why I believe every college in the NITC Consortium should come together and start a YouTube channel.

We all have something to say, whether it be to our prospective students, returners, parents, or even the community. We cannot count on mainstream media to help us get our message out. They will only broadcast that which they determine to be news-worthy.

They are the gatekeepers.

We need to crash the gates.

We need to control the message. Media puts their own spin on the stories they broadcast that feature our schools.

If we produce our own programs, we get to control the voice. We get to highlight all the good our individual campuses are doing. We get to draw attention to programs that are succeeding or that need an influx of new students. We get to shine the light on the people that make our campuses the great places they are: students, faculty, and staff.

We can’t sit in our offices, apartments, homes, or residence hall rooms any longer.

We need to take a stand.

We need to make a statement.

We need to be heard.

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