Chapter 15 Reflection

Why does media only hold football accountable for violence that is broadcast on television? Is it because it has usurped baseball as “America’s game”? Could it be because more people watch televised football than any other sport?

The focus on football alone is unjust. There are many other sports that contain violence that are broadcast. Hockey fans cheer their favorite players and teams to body check the opposing team or get into gloves-off fist fights. The programming that World Wrestling Entertainment produces several times a week includes the use of props, such as chairs and ladders, as well as personal items, like 2×4 pieces of lumber. The world of mixed martial arts/Ultimate Fighting Champion has opponents kick and hit each other – and no one is wearing a helmet or any protective equipment but on their hands.

And don’t even get me started about boxing.

The other sports with huge broadcast packages – basketball and baseball – also have violence associated with their contests. All the sport shows like to show highlights of the baseball bench-cleaning brawl the previous night, often multiple times in the same program with different opinions about the event. And basketball has broadcast a large number of cheap hits that end up in the replay loop.

Yes, violence is prevalent on American televisions. However, I don’t believe it can all be blamed on football. There are many sports that need to turn the scrutiny onto themselves.

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