Chapter 12 Reflection

I’m not really a gamer. Yes, I play “casual” games on Facebook. Yes, I’ve owned several PC games over the years, including 2 RPG games (which don’t work on current laptop, thank you, Microsoft!). But I’ve never owned a gaming console.

When I lived in Oklahoma, one of my RAs owned a PS3 – just released, the ink was still drying on the controller. He wanted some help playing one of his multi-player games and asked if I would help for an hour. I was more of a hindrance.

I couldn’t work the controller to save any of my lives. And fighting with the enemies was an exercise in surrender.

And every day he asked me to play an hour with him.

I got a little better but not enough to commit $300 to a system and another $50 for games.

When I played my PC games, it was easy to find my way around the game because I could my mouse. And, yes, I enjoyed playing those RPG games.

Now, though, I am content to send several hours playing the Match 3 and Puzzle games on Facebook.

Maybe that’s a true sign that I’m getting old.

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