Chapter 11 Reflection

My sister recently purchased the new Google Pixel 2 phone, and she’s as happy as she can be. Why? Because it’s new? No, because her old phone had a beta version of Facebook that used a considerable amount of memory, so much so that she could only have three personal apps on her phone. And even those would occasionally be removed by her phone if too much memory was being used.

My husband and I are very different from her and each other. He has a pay-as-you-go dumb phone. It’s probably 1.5″ wide and 3″ long and has a 10 digit keypad that is more suited to calling than texting. And he doesn’t like to use it. He generally doesn’t take it on vacations and curses when someone should bother him at night or on the weekends.

I have a small pay-as-you-go smartphone. I use it primarily for calls and texts, although I have used the Internet portion probably half a dozen times. Because I have a laptop and a tablet with removable keyboard, I don’t feel the need to use my phone as a third screen.

That could be because I’ve seen some many students be on their phones, texting the person right next to them instead of talking to them. Maybe it’s because I had brunch with someone earlier this month, and instead of talking to me, she spent most of the time on her phone, viewing Facebook and seeing what all her friends posted.

Maybe it’s a generational thing, and I’m just too old to understand. Maybe I was raised differently. Maybe I care more about the relationships in my immediate area. Maybe I just don’t need to know what all the people online are doing every minute of every day.

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