Chapter 10 Reflection

In my own personal experience, the Internet has changed so much since its infancy. When I wanted to search for a particular item back in the late 1990s, I had to use Boolean operators and quotation marks, hoping the right information could be found. My favorite search engine was Ask. And it worked for doing research.

Then I started a small business and needed to find suppliers. We were a live-in couple at a community college so we were able to have the Internet in our apartment. This was 1998, and many businesses had poorly designed websites that made it difficult to get around. It was also very expensive for small businesses without much computer knowledge to get noticed online.

Jump ahead to today, and I can say that I spend a large amount of time online daily. I write and submit my classwork online – even take my tests online. I go to Yahoo! every morning to check the latest news on the national, political, and crime front, and then I look at my email (which is currently out of control; I need to spend some serious time weeding it).

I go to the Dakota College at Bottineau website daily. Since I live on campus, I can check the cafeteria menu every day, often times more than once. I check on our athletic teams – want to know how those Jacks are doing.

Once I go home, I look at my few social media accounts. And if I’m on RA duty that night, I grab my laptop and play some games to waste the hours. Or maybe I’ll look at some pins on Pinterest and lose fours there.

Yes, I will admit to being an Internet junkie. At least I don’t use it on my phone.

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