Chapter Reflection 5

When the topic of magazines comes up, what is the first image that comes to mind? Waiting rooms. That seems to be the one location where we can find a variety of magazines.

When I went to the doctor last with my sister, I saw the following magazine topics: celebrity news/gossip, hunting and fishing, parenting, women’s general interest, and a few older children’s magazines. And many of the magazines had the doctor’s name and address as the subscription holder. Why?

Less people are subscribing to magazines in their physical forms. Today, a significant slice of the population would rather read a magazine on their phone or tablet than have it in their hand. Is it wrong? Not necessarily, but the content and/or layout isn’t the same as the print edition.

Not so long ago, I subscribed to a romance book review magazine. I enjoyed reading the different reviews (good and bad) and various articles on writing craft and the business of writing. About five years later, the publisher stated the price of the physical magazine was increasing but a subscription to the digital version would be the same price and be delivered quicker. I took the bait.

And I was disappointed.

The content I had some to expect couldn’t be easily found. The reviews, while still categorized on individual pages, how were alphabetically – since the first review. I couldn’t see the new releases from the other books. And the craft articles were moved to a different section that required additional payment.

So what did I do? I let the subscription lapse. Sure, I may miss reading the reviews, but if I miss it too much, I can always pick up a copy at the nearest newsstand.

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