Weekly Reflection

Week 3 – Books


I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to talk about this subject. I’ve tried to write this post about a dozen times, both physically and mentally, but nothing sounds right, looks right.

Maybe I’m too close to the subject to be objective. After all, I am an author. I’ve had short stories published on a blog. I had one of those stories published in a digital anthology. I am currently writing a fantasy trilogy that will be published digitally.

And I love physical books.

When I walk into a bookstore, time stops. At Barnes & Noble, I start at the magazines and look at the new covers. Maybe I’ll find a new baking magazine with an interesting recipe. Maybe there is a writing magazine with a series of articles that I have to have. Before long, I’m wandering over to the reference section, looking for books under the Writing For Publication heading. I might have even stopped at cookbooks on my way over; it would be wrong to miss a new candy cookbook. And when I’m done in reference, I walk through fantasy and young adult fantasy. My fingers trace the spines of books I want to read, authors I want to discover. Before I leave B&N, I have circled around the new age and history sections and woven my way through the bargain books.

It’s an addiction I don’t want to quit.

And it’s even worse in a used bookstore. If I go with my husband, he normally has to come looking for me after an hour. I may have explored only a quarter of the areas I want to see, especially in those bookstores that seem to go on for acres. There is so much to see, so many titles that aren’t available any longer.

And it’s just as bad when we travel to Canada. They have books up there that are not published in our country. When we have our long weekends north of the border, we bring back at least $100 in books.

But I also have a digital library. It’s where I keep many of my writing craft books that I purchased through Amazon. Yes, it’s great to have those books available on my laptop, ready to open when I need them, but I find that I don’t read them the same as I read my physical books. I do more skimming. I do more searching, indexing, looking for exactly what I need. I don’t explore the book.

And maybe that is what a book really is. A space to explore.

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