Weekly Reflection

Reflection 2

Obsolescence never meant the end of anything, it’s just the beginning.

Marshall McLuhan

When I saw this quote last week, I first thought of the Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith, where he is told by the State that he is obsolete. Why? Because he is a librarian, which isn’t necessary to the State any longer. Because believes in information, knowledge, and religion. Meredith’s character must be terminated and it must be televised by the State, so everyone can see how the State deals with obsolete people. At the conclusion of the episode, Meredith locks the representative of the State in a room with himself and, moments before a bomb is to explode, the representative is released. However, prior to his release, he says “for the love of God.” When the State representative returns to work/court the next day, he himself is declared to be obsolete.

The message of the episode was to keep citizens thinking about how we and the government label people, who is deemed to be worthy. Anything, anyone can become obsolete.

Media can become obsolete, or at least the method of the media can become obsolete. In my lifetime, I have listened to music on vinyl and cassette tapes before converting to compact discs and Internet music streaming. And now vinyl is making a comeback.

Obsolescence isn’t the end, just the beginning. Maybe some of the old forms of media will make a comeback. Maybe media is cyclical.

Everyone old is new again.


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